Right to Play is an international aid organization that works to improve the lives of some of the worlds most marginalized children through sport and game. Right to Play designs country and area specific sport and play programs that improve the children’s health and help them build important life skills. Right to Play works in over twenty countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East with children affected by war, poverty, and disease. Children in the program not only develop important life skills and values, but are also taught about conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and disease prevention.

Team Darfur President Joey Cheek is an ambassador for Right to Play and has supported their work since taking home the gold and silver in the 2006 Winter Olympics. Joey raised over $1 million for Right to Play when he announced he would donate his medal bonuses, and encouraged other athletes and sponsors to do the same. Athletes from around the world, like Joey, help to inspire children to live a healthier lifestyle and are able to raise awareness and funds for Right to Play Projects.

Team Darfur supports the extraordinary work of Right to Play.

Darfur Peace and Development Organization

Darfur Peace and Development Organization (DPDO) is a US-based non-profit working to promote peace, and help rebuild livelihoods in Darfur. DPDO created the Darfur Schools Project to help even the poorest children in Darfur receive an education. To date, DPDO has built fifteen schools in North Darfur which offer free education to children in the area. DPDO is also currently in the process of building a high school. DPDO also runs three women’s centers that provide support for victims of sexual violence, and training in income producing activities. DPDO also distributes Solar Cookers to women in refugee camps to reduce the need to leave the camp and endanger themselves collecting firewood.

Team Darfur is grateful to Darfur Peace and Development for their help with our children’s stories initiative . With their help, we are able to continue spreading the word about the atrocities occurring in Darfur, Sudan and become a step closer to ending this crisis.

16th of May Foundation

The Sixteenth of May Foundation is an international nonprofit organization whose Call today is to promote humanitarian involvement in Sudan, by building villages complete with an orphanage, school, medical clinic, library and sports fields. This will be achieved through relief and rehabilitation as a means of achieving sustainable development and to commemorate the lives lost and celebrate the victory of peace, justice and equality amongst the Sudanese people.On Monday, 16th of May, 1983 at around 5:00am, the first bullet sliced open the morning air with a sound that silenced close to 3 million lives over the next twenty three years. It led to a silence that to this day is still deafening.