What can my country do for Darfur?


Support peacekeeping efforts:
Australia should pledge logistical support and technical expertise to the United Nations African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) including air assets, specialist peacekeeping personnel and financial support. Australia has traditionally been a great supporter of peacekeeping missions. This one in particular needs help. Despite specific requests from the United Nations, the Government of Australia has so far failed to provide any substantial commitment to this peacekeeping force, claiming our military is “overstretched”. However, it seems that Australia is in an ideal position to provide air assets vital to the timely and successful deployment of the urgently needed peacekeeping force.

Use diplomatic influence with China, Russia, other key countries:
Australia should use its diplomatic and economic ties to ensure strict compliance with the United Nations arms embargo with Sudan. Australia should also call on China and other states with strong diplomatic and economic ties with Sudan to urge the Government of National Unity:
a. To cease hostilities and actively participate in meaningful peace negotiations.
b. To cooperate in a process of mutual disarmament of all militia and rebel groups in Darfur under the supervision of UNAMID.

Support the efforts of the International Criminal Court:
Call on the UN and States with strong diplomatic and economic ties with Sudan to encourage the Government of National Unity (Government of Sudan) to cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Government of Sudan must provide access to information, freedom of movement and security to the ICC in order to carry out its investigations. The Government of Sudan must also arrest and transfer to the Hague suspected war criminals who have been summoned by the Court: Ali Kushayb has been freed from prison while Ahmed Harun has remained in his post as State Minister for Humanitarian Affairs. As Minister he is responsible for those displaced by the violence in Darfur, and is also charged with liaising with the UNAMID peacekeeping force currently being deployed to protect those same people.

For more information and to get involved, visit www.darfuraustralia.org

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Immediately appoint a Canadian envoy to the region:
Canada must immediately appoint a special envoy to the Darfur region. Not only would this demonstrate Canada’s commitment to helping end the crisis in Darfur, it would also provide enhanced on-the-ground coordination of our government’s activities in support of peace. The appointment of an envoy will increase support to the faltering peace process, to ensure that an inclusive agreement is reached, laying the foundation for a sustainable peace.

Canadian support for divestment of public funds from Sudanese companies:

On April 11, Bill C-536, the “Sudan Accountability Act,” had its first reading in the Canadian Parliament. Not only would divestment make a strong public statement about Canada’s commitment to bring peace to Darfur, but it would cut off funding to the Government of Sudan that is being used to finance the region’s conflict. The Canadian government must immediately fast-track parliamentary consideration of the Bill, and encourage all Parties to support its approval.
(Summary of the Bill)

A “thank you…but” for recent Canadian contributions to Sudan:
Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier announced increased Canadian support to security, diplomacy and aid efforts to Sudan. The Government should be applauded for this act, but reminded that we have not done enough until the Darfur crisis is over. Canada should be increasing its public criticism, for example, of Beijing’s inactivity to use its influence with Khartoum, and of Khartoum’s ongoing obstructions to UNAMID’s deployment. Canada should be using more of its diplomatic capitol to get Rebel groups together in peace negotiations, and be making more efforts at home to explain to Canadians why Darfur must be an important foreign affairs focus. Canada can and must be doing more.

For more information and to get involved in Canada, visit www.sdcanada.org

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Cosa può fare l’Italia per il Darfur?

1) Garantire ai propri cittadini una maggiore e completa informazione sul conflitto in Darfur e nelle altre aree dimenticate del mondo.

2) Fornire tecnologie e tecnici-istruttori alla missione UNAMID per il controllo screening dello spazio aereo.

3) Spingere l’ Europa e le Nazioni UNite a maggiori sanzioni economiche e politiche di disinvestimento, in particolare agendo più incisivamente attraverso la Commissione per le sanzioni al Sudan che l’ Italia presiede con l’On. Marcello Spatofora. Verificare quali cooperative e aziende italiane operino in Sudan e con quali garanzie per il rispetto dei diritti umani in Darfur.

4) Sostenere fermamente la Corte Penale iNternazionale sull’arresto delle autorità sudanesi accusate di crimini di guerra e contro l’umanità: Ali Kushayb e Ahmed Harun

5) Attivare le ambasciate in Russia e Cina perchè avviino azioni diplomatiche finalizzate alla sensibilizzazione dei governi dei due Paesi, membri permanenti dell’ ONU, a una politica che favorisca la pace in Darfur.

6) Sostenere l’embargo delle armi alla Cina (parti di elicottero venduti alla Cina potrebbero essere stati già rivenduti assemblati al Sudan).

Per maggiori informazioni veda Italian Blogs 4 Darfur

Trasmetta una cartolina al Presidente dell Unione Europea.

United Kingdom

The UK will become president of the UN Security Council in May. They should use the opportunity to ensure UNAMID is deployed and has the resources it needs to be effective. Sudan has blatantly ignored numerous Security Council resolutions including ones which called for an arms embargo, cooperating with the ICC, disarming the Janjaweed, and obeying no-fly zone. Britain should push for sanctions.

Gordon Brown’s offer to hold peace talks in London, is an important next step, but UNAMID needs to be deployed and the international community needs to provide resources and push Sudan to allow UNAMID so the people are safe now!

For more information, or to get involved in the UK, visit www.aegistrust.org.

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United States of America

Implement divestment and targeted sanctions
Implement the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act into law. The President must enforce the law by prohibiting any and all federal contracts with worst offending companies. In addition, the Administration has called on the United Nations to impose targeted sanctions against individuals obstructing peace in Sudan but has not made good on his promise to pursue them. The President must immediately introduce a resolution to the United Nations Security Council that mandates international sanctions on all agents obstructing the deployment of UNAMID and the Darfur Peace Process.

Support peacekeeping efforts
Sudanese Government obstructionism and a lack of will on the part of international donors have crippled the implementation of Resolution 1769 to the point where few UN troops have been deployed even six months after the resolution was passed. Worse still, Sudanese government attacks on UNAMID peacekeepers have demonstrated the current inability of the force to defend itself, let alone Darfuri civilians. The US government must do everything in his power to financially, logistically, and diplomatically support UNAMID deployment. It must authorize funds for American allies to donate helicopters, continue to offer air transport for UNAMID deployment, and support UNAMID commanders through tabletop contingency planning, or war games.

Lobby China
The US Congress has showed positive action on the part of the Chinese towards peace in Sudan. Despite some success, however, the current Chinese policy towards Sudan leaves much to be desired. President Bush must reinforce Congress in using all economic and political tools available to encourage positive and meaningful Chinese engagement with the government in Khartoum. The President should ensure that US efforts are coordinated with those of France, Britain and China.

For more information and to get involved in the US, visite  www.GenocideIntervention.net

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